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About the artist Sandoval

Horatio “Che” Sandoval was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He lived a privileged life in his youth, doing little academically but dabbling early and often in all forms of art, sculpture, pottery, watercolor and oil painting. A visit to a friend in New York in 1981 led to a seventeen-year sojourn there as an artist and eventually an art teacher. During these years, Sandoval participated in group and one-man shows in New York, Boston, Caracas and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sandoval met and married Jamaican artist Rita Cantwell, in New York and eventually spent many years in Jamaica painting, exhibiting and teaching art. His style has evolved through many stages and can currently be characterized as contemporary still life work with simple, exquisitely believed composition rendered in oil. His studies of the natural world strive to create both excitement and serenity in the viewer and a greater love for the simple elements of that natural world. When a figure appears in his paintings, it is against the backdrop of the natural world, which tends to put the drama of the subject in (sometimes humorous) prospective. Sandoval’s technique involves blocking with very dilute oils, followed by increasingly thicker applications of oil or oil stick for detail and drama.