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Silver & Gold Leaf Apples

Valentines Roses Apples

Gold Leaf Apples

Valentines Hearts Apple

Graffiti Apple

Dark Green Gold Leaf Apple

Dark Blue Cracked Apple

Monochrome Apple

Cartoon Butterfly Apple

White Cracked Apple with Gold Leaf

Black Graffiti Apple

Money Flies Apple

Cracked Black Apple

Petite Pomme

Graffiti Apples

Striped Apple

About the artist Stacey

Developing a passion for art in her teens, Stacey studied A-level art and following a brief career in finance, she soon found her way back to her love of creating. After raising three children and travelling the world, Stacey worked with a fellow artist on large scale abstract pieces, but slowly built the desire to branch out on her own and find her niche. And then came, ‘the apples’, There is sense of romance and family woven through her work, with the, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far…..’, and ‘the apple of my eye’.  Stacey works with layers of acrylic and spray paint to adorn her ornamental statement pieces. Her designs speak to those looking for a quirky  modern focal feature for the home. In spring 2019, Stacey launched  ‘Piece Gallery’, with her husband, also an avid collector, where they exhibit the works of cutting edge contemporary art and exquisite home accessories. With an immediate platform for her work, commissions are flooding in and Stacey cannot return to her studio quick enough.  Stacey has taken influence from the modern urban artists of the 21st century and combines this with her natural eye for interior design. The gallery speaks for itself with a high-end finish, providing a beautiful space for the diverse and eclectic works that hang from its walls and is now home to Staceys very own works of art. She is somewhat reluctant to bask in her newfound status and tends to shy away from the spotlight - this matters little as her creations really do speak for themselves.